The Play It Forward Award celebrates Oregon high school and college students and nonprofits committed to getting kids active 

April 2016 : Play It Forward Award Winners

Katelyn Driscoll, Oregon State University:

Katelyn Driscoll is a Senior at Oregon State University and outside hitter for the Beavers Volleyball team. Over the last two years, Katelyn has dedicated her time engaging youth in Corvallis in physical activity. She conducts twice weekly training sessions for the local volleyball club, David S. Keller (DSK), for girls ages 14-16, in addition to providing individual lessons. Through her dedicated interest and interaction with these athletes, Katelyn has increased the overall level of participation in the club at an age where high school girls typically drop out of athletic programs. Much of Katelyn’s success with these young girls can be attributed to her positive outlook and constant encouragement to participate regardless of skill level.



Evina Westbrook, South Salem High School:

Evina Westbrook is a Junior basketball player at South Salem High School. Beyond winning back to back State Championships and being selected as Gatorade Player of the Year, Evina finds ways to give back to the game she loves by helping coach girls at the Salem Hoop and the Portland based, Inner City Players Lil’ Ladies club team. Regularly commuting up-state on the weekends for IPC practice, she also organizes opportunities for her team to engage with other local role models like the OSU Women’s Basketball team. On average, she spends 16-20 hours a month in the gym helping young girls develop their skills and passion for the game. A prime example for what a sports competitor should be, Evina encourages good habits, taking care of yourself physically and mentally, setting goals and developing great work ethic to be successful.




April 2016 : Play It Forward Award Fund Recipient

Tualatin Hills Synchronized Swimming Club

The Tualatin Hills Synchronized Swimming Club is a 38-year-old organization and one of only two synchronized swimming clubs in Oregon. With a mission to createan environment where athletes can advance their skills and experience the reward of hard work and dedication, the Club offers the chance for swimmers, ages 6-18, to compete, learn about making positive choices, and become healthy, fit adults. Founded on the basis of teamwork, synchronized swimming also provides an excellent atmosphere for kids to make close friendships and practice mentorship within the synchro community. At its core, the Tualatin Hills Synchronized Swimming Club strives to create strong competition through the love of the sport, love of the team, and love of their teammates - building "Champions in Life,” in and out of the water.