The Play It Forward Award celebrates Oregon high school and college students and nonprofits committed to getting kids active 

December 2015 : Play It Forward Award Winners

Ryan Nall, Oregon State University:


Ryan Nall is a Freshman football player at Oregon State University and leads by example on his team by volunteering regularly in the Corvallis community. He and his teammates spend time at the Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis, leading and engaging kids in various activities. He jumps into activities and encourages and motivates all kids to participate. Ryan has been very involved in his community during his first year of college and plans to continue this work throughout his career.




Natalie Byrne, West Linn High School:

Natalie Byrne is a Senior at West Linn High School, playing both varsity lacrosse and varsity soccer. For the past few years, Natalie has been dedicated to supporting kids with disabilities to engage in sport and physical activity. Natalie has participated in the Buddy Walk and sports campus, both of which provide opportunities for kids with Down Syndrome to get active. She also volunteers at Special Olympics basketball camps. Throughout her high school career, Natalie has always found time to inspire kids in her community. She plans to attend the University of Southern California in the fall of 2016 to play lacrosse.




December 2015 : Play It Forward Award Fund Recipient
Northwest Wheelchair Tennis Association (NWTA)


Northwest Wheelchair Tennis Association (NWTA) helps kids with disabilities and mobility impairments to participate in an organized sport activity. The goal of this organization is to provide these kids with a weekly tennis program complete with proper instruction and all the necessary equipment. Wheelchair tennis offers a way for these kids to lead active lives and to gain the same physical and social benefits from sport activities as their able-bodied peers. NWTA is a free program serving kids 5-16 in the Portland Metro Area south to Salem.