The Play It Forward Award celebrates Oregon high school and college students and nonprofits committed to getting kids active

October 2015 : Play It Forward Award Winners

Cheridan Hawkins, University of Oregon:

Cheridan Head shot..jpg

Cheridan Hawkins is a Senior at the University of Oregon and plays on the Women’s Softball Team. She volunteers in her free time at KIDSPORTS in Eugene and has provided tremendous outreach by delivering sports and scholarship information to schools. She has developed a curriculum for both softball and volleyball coaching manuals and has provided social behavior tools for coaches to identify and manage bullying behavior. Cheridan also makes regular school presentations to elementary and middle school students about youth sports opportunities and shares person experiences that outline why sports and physical activity are important for children of all ages. She provides game day supervision for tournaments and events and as such, has become a valued role model for parents who observe an elite student-athlete generously giving back to the community. Cheridan has offered free softabll clinincs and conotrbuted to aoftball coaches meetinsg as well. Her volutneer hours dedicated to KIDSPORTS and the community reflect her significant contribution to promoting sport and physical activity as well as her passion and compassion for the wellbeing of kids and community. 

Justin Silvey, Sunset High School:

Justin Silvey is a Senior at Sunset High School in Beaverton, playing on the Varsity Baseball team. Justin volunteered during the summer with the Sunset Apollos Youth Baseball Camp and he is currently mentoring at the Sunset Apollos Youth Baseball Winter Clinics. Justin is highly motivated and provides great energy and enthusiasm for the youth in the Sunset community as well as many areas in Washington County. Justin's ability to relate to the the youth provides them with a positive role model that always gives more than he takes. Justin grew up in the Sunset community and wants to give back to the youth hoping they have as good of an experience as he did as a youngster growing up in Cedar Mill.

October 2015 : Play It Forward Award Fund Recipient

Mobility Impaired Golf Association

Mobility Impaired Golf Association (MIGA) serves youth and young adults with special needs in Oregon's Northwest community, with a goal to reach over 1500 kids, age 7-18, in 2016. By hosting monthly events and with continued outreach, MIGA is able to reach out to new organizations with members that could benefit from golf as a tool for rehabilitation, recreation, and positive mental health. This funding support will help MIGA provide quality equipment, instruction and tee-times for all participants.  Over time, the increase in participation and resources will lead to independent play for the members and the development a variety of life skills.