Nomination Criteria

  • Be a member of a high school or college athletic team

  • Average a minimum of 4 community volunteer hours per month with an organization or program that promotes youth participation in sports or physical activity

  • Demonstrate initiative and drive by going beyond expected school responsibilities

  • Be in good academic standing with their school or college/university

  • Not have any criminal record or have been investigated for criminal activity

  • Be selected as one of the monthly Play It Forward award winners

Past Winners

2017-18 Winners - Javondre' Cole, Jefferson High School // Nathan Braaten, Oregon State University // Taylor Ricci, Oregon State University
2016-17 Winner - Tya Seth, Lake Oswego High School
2015-16 Winner - Gavin Begay, Madras High School
2014-15 Winner - Marcus Mariota, University of Oregon