Nomination Criteria

Automatic nomination:

  1. OSAA Tennis singles champion

  2. At least three ITA/UTSA/club tournament victories during the current OSAA athletic calendar year

Consideration (must meet at least one of the criterion):

  1. District champion

  2. OSAA Tennis doubles champion

  3. Quarterfinal appearance at the OSAA Tennis singles championship

  4. Regular season match victory percentage of .850 or better

  5. Recognition on the ITA/UTSA/club tennis and tournament scene

At-large nominations:

  1. An athlete may be nominated by a member of the Oregon Sports Awards voting panel

  2. An athlete may be nominated by a coach, sports information director or athletic director. Nominations must be submitted to the Oregon Sports Awards team

2020 nomination deadline: May 24

Past Winners

2018-2019: Peter Murphy, Jesuit // Serim Jin, Sunset 2017-2018: Peter Murphy, Jesuit // Elizabeth Stevens, Tigard
2016-2017: Carter Quigley, Summit // Elizabeth Stevens, Tigard
2015-2016: Dylan King, Grant // Bess Waldram, Jesuit
2014-2015: Andrew Finkelman, Grant // Bess Waldram, Jesuit
2013-2014: Goutham Sundaram, Lincoln // Erin Larner, Jesuit
2012-2013: Goutham Sundaram, Lincoln // Erin Larner, Jesuit
2011-2012: Goutham Sundaram, Lincoln // Erin Larner, Jesuit

2018-2019 Finalists (alphabetized by last name)

Alle Banna, Chruchill
Judson Blair, Sprague
Peter Murphy, Jesuit


Cassidy Binder, Beaverton
Serim Jin, Sunset Anna Kern, Corvallis