Award Criteria

Automatic nomination:

  1. World or national championship

  2. National (high school, college or professional) Coach of the Year honors

The vote:

  1. No more than six coaches, administrators or sport organizations will be featured on the ballot

  2. The Oregon Sports Awards team will balance nominees between professional sports teams and colleges

  3. Voting for this award takes place in June

At-large nominations:

  1. A member of the voting panel can suggest a nominee to the Oregon Sports Awards team, which reserves the right to approve or decline a nomination

  2. A member of a high school or college athletic department, sport organization or professional franchise can suggest a nominee to the Oregon Sports Awards team, which reserves the right to approve or decline a nomination

Past Winners

2019: Kelly Graves, University of Oregon women’s basketball // Terry Stotts Portland Trail Blazers 2018: Rob Conner, Cross Country // Mark Parsons, Soccer
2017: Pat Casey, Baseball
2016: Caleb Porter, Soccer // Scott Rueck, Basketball
2015: Mark Helfrich, Football // Craig Howard, Football
2013: Caleb Porter, Soccer
2012: Erik Spoelstra, Basketball // Chip Kelly, Football
2011: Merritt Paulson, Soccer
2010: Chip Kelly, Football
2009: Chip Kelly, Football
2008: Mike Riley, Football
2007: Pat Casey, Baseball
2006: Pat Casey, Baseball
2005: Pat Casey, Baseball
2004: Danny Miles, Basketball
2003: Ernie Kent, Basketball
2002: Clive Charles, Soccer
2001: Mike Bellotti, Football
1996: Brad Smith, Basketball
1995: Clive Charles, Soccer
1994: Rich Brooks, Football
1993: Gordie James, Basketball
1992: Rick Adelman, Basketball
1991: Ad Rutschman, Football
1990: Rick Adelman, Basketball
1989: Rich Brooks, Football
1988: Pokey Allen, Football
1987: Pokey Allen, Football
1986: Ad Rutschman, Football
1985: Jeff Mozzochi, Volleyball
1984: Ad Rutschman, Football
1983: Ken Hodge, Hockey
1982: Ad Rutschman, Football
1981: Ralph Miller, Basketball
1980: Ralph Miller, Basketball
1979: Rich Brooks, Football
1978: Ad Rutschman, Football
1977: Jack Ramsay, Basketball
1976: Darrel "Mouse" Davis, Football
1975: Vic Crowe, Soccer
1974: Laurence (Doc) Savage, Football
1973: Jack Dunn, Baseball
1972: Dale Thomas, Wrestling
1971: Bill Bowerman, Track and Field
1970: Harry Glickman, Basketball
1969: Dick McLain, Baseball
1968: John Allen, Football
1967: Dee Andros, Football
1966: Paul Valenti, Basketball
1965: Hal Laycoe, Hockey
1964: John Lipon, Baseball
1963: Joe Juston, Football
1962: Bill Bowerman, Track and Field
1961: Paul Durham, Football
1960: Ted Ogdahl, Football
1959: Fred Spiegelberg, Football
1958: Tom DeSylvia, Football
1957: Len Casanova, Football // Tommy Prothro, Football

2019 Finalists (alphabetized by last name)

Kelly Graves, University of Oregon women’s basketball Giovanni Savarese, Portland Timbers
Terry Stotts, Portland Trail Blazers